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What to Do?

Virtual Journey Through Time

Flight with Pegasus

Embark on a unique virtual journey available on the top floor of the Stolp Kristal. Legend has it that Pegasus discovered the first healing spring in Rogaška Slatina with a strike of his hoof, and this legendary creature will take you on a time-traveling adventure through the rich history of the area.

During the interactive virtual reality journey, you can activate various historical figures who have marked the development of the spa and tourism in this part of Slovenia. Each figure opens a door to a different era, providing in-depth understanding and guiding you through key events up to the present day.

Experience history in an entirely new way and discover how Rogaška Slatina has become one of the leading spa destinations over the centuries. "Flight with Pegasus" is more than just a tour; it is an interactive experience that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of the past.

From Ground to Top


The Stolp Kristal in Rogaška Slatina, standing at 106 meters tall, is the tallest building in Slovenia, combining culinary delights and unique views in one location. Visitors can begin their experience on the ground floor, where a panoramic elevator with a capacity of up to 21 people takes you to the top in just 35 seconds.

Relaxation from the Top


On the first floor, there is a comfortably furnished café offering a space to relax with coffee and desserts, as well as the opportunity to walk on transparent floors, adding a touch of adrenaline.

For the Most Courageous

Observation Deck

Finally, visitors can step onto the open observation deck at a height of 104 meters and walk in the open air. The Stolp Kristal is not just an architectural achievement but a place where history, culture, technology, and nature intertwine, providing a comprehensive experience.